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All Businesses will be digital businesses .. the hyperbole

March 20th, 2014 · No Comments

I love technology and feel there is immense opportunity to shaping the world with it. Businesses that are serving only digital markets, and others are transforming how they do business with digital (technology). Now that this disclaimer is in the universe …

The immense cacaphony of noise that “All businesses will be digital businesses” needs to be contemplated seriously. I have heard this a number of times and in a number of places, and want to make a point on this … as it relates to strategy.

All businesses are NOT digital. There are those that serve digital markets, and those that leverage digital to enhance their business. The IT backbone, services portfolio, and associated components are fundamentally necessary and mission critical without a doubt. The blurring of the lines though can negatively influence the strategy of the business.

Saying “All businesses are digital” is akin to saying “All businesses are facilities & environmental”. Everyone would 100% agree facilities (building, power, air quality, etc..) are mission critical but we would not say that IS the business. Similarly, technology fits a similar role.

I fear the blurring of this line will ineffectively shift internal resources and shift strategy in a manner counter to the business needs. Other fears? Other risks? What is the power of culture and percetion on a group and company – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast “, Peter Drucker.

Thoughts and counters are welcome. This is an early impression and needs deeper consideration on how businesses can effect their long term goal.




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