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Cloud Computing and the Atlanta MIT Forum

February 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Last night I attended the Atlanta MIT Forum discussion focused on Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, and the challenges of organizations operating within this platform and environment.  The discussion was broadcast live over GPB around the world, and no matter how many times I attend live shows – it is always exciting to be ‘in the middle of it’.  The synopsis is below, but the short story is as follows:

Charles Phillips, President of Oracle was the keynote and opened for about 30 minutes on what Oracle is doing as a company and in the cloud / web 2.o space.  He was excellent and I enjoyed hearing from him.  Unfortunately I, nor anyone from what I can tell, was unable to thank him for his time as he was escorted in and out of the building rather quickly.  He highlighted the use of customer feedback systems and integrating applications for clients.

The other attendees included Eran Gil of Cloud Sherpas (a consulting company); Matt Trevathan, Solutions Architect/Master Inventor, IBM Interactive, and a gentlemen from Turner who provided great “non-vendor sales” responses but whose name doesn’t seem to be posted.

The conversation was good – the archive will be online the MIT Forum site, and if you have time check out the first 30 minutes to see Charles.  I would also check out the last 10 minutes of the feed for a few interesting questions on privacy and security that thankfully didn’t include product speak.  The panel was not qualified for compliance and security questions, but were quite strong on the challenges of open standards and the cost-benefit questions.

Program Synposis:

“The points of discussion are:

  • What are the key decision drivers for determining if
    outsourcing to the cloud is right for your business?
  • What are the cost dynamics and relationships between
    hardware, software, management, monitoring and customer
    satisfaction/support in today’s environment?
  • What are the data security and privacy issues for customers
    of these services and the liability for the service provider?
  • What are the mechanisms for moving to cloud computing and
    who gets you there?
  • What are the business opportunities for entrepreneurs
    looking to participate in this newly forming ecosystem?”

Unfortunately I don’t feel the panel answered the above questions fully, and I will try and make a series on answering the above as they relate to startups, compliance, and security concerns.

Kind regards,

James DeLuccia IV

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